Founded by Mr. Vijay Sale, Vijay Welfare Trust has been working for the welfare and well being of children, women and old age citizens alike. Vijay Welfare Trust has paved the path for many youngsters, children, women and old age people to make their life better and has provided opportunities so that they can become self-sufficient and also support their own families.
Vijay Welfare Trust runs programs which have helped many children access better education. Vijay Welfare Trust helps children pave their way out of poverty and achieve their dreams. Vijay Welfare Trust sponsors fees or reduces the fees of the needy and bright students so that their talent does not fade away because of lack of education or money. It empowers children with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.
Not only support in the education but also when a bright student completes his education and he does not get any job, Vijay Welfare Trust comes to their help. Vijay Welfare Trust provides assistance to promising youngsters to get jobs. Vijay Welfare Trust works for the bright future of the country as the future of the country les in the hands of children and youngsters. Hence Vijay Welfare Trust is working for the betterment of the future, betterment of the society.
Vijay Welfare Trust has an open for all library which has a collection of numerous books in different languages which give inspiration to the people and increase knowledge. It is a great way of sharing knowledge with those who have a lot of interest in the reading but cannot afford to buy books.
Not only in the education field, Vijay Welfare Trust also works for the heroes of the country, the great icons of the country like Shivaji Maharaj and Ganhiji. Every year, Vijay Welfare Trust conducts celebrations and programs for people on the occasion of Shivaji Jayanti or Gandhi Jayanti, and many more. This helps to keep the love and respect for our national heroes alive in the hearts of the countrymen.
Vijay Welfare Trust also has a wing for the safety and well being of senior citizens. Every year several programs are conducted for the welfare of the senior citizens by Vijay Welfare Trust.
Apart from works done by Vijay Welfare Trust, there is another domain which is taken care by Vijay Welfare Trust and it works only for the welfare of the society. It takes care of any grievance or society related issues and Vijay Welfare Trust provides help to the needy.
Free Health and Eye checkup Camp
Vijay Welfare Trust is organizing a Free Health and Eye checkup Camp on 2nd. This camp is being organized on the auspicious occasion of birthday of Mr Vijay Sale. March 2014 at Juinagar.
Camp Inauguration by Mr. Sagar Naik(Mayor, Navi Mumbai)
Chief Guest: Mr. Jaiwant Sutar
This camp is undertaken with by Seven Hills multi specialty hospital and all the medical treatment will be done under the supervision of the able team of doctor’s from Seven Hills Hospital.
Important Points of the Camp:
  • Free Eye checkup and spectacles distribution
  • Heart Blockage treatment
  • Eye checkup
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Bypass surgery, Angioplasty
  • Knee surgery
  • Brain surgery
  • General health checkup